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Dr. Anna Papadopoulou (Chiropractor)

My Background

Dr. Anna Popadopoulou (Chiropractor)

Dr. Anna Popadopoulou (Chiropractor)

Chiropractic has been a big part of my life since the day I was born. Growing up I followed my family to many chiropractic conferences and events, learning an incredible amount about the profession and its multifaceted expressions around the world, as my father is also a chiropractor.

However, it is when I started my ballet studies in Cyprus, my home country, that I first appreciated the value of chiropractic treatments and management. In fact, despite the long and hard hours of practice, staying functionally aligned helped me prevent many injuries and helped to speed up the recovery from those that occurred, ultimately allowed me to reach my goals.

My Studies

Leaving Cyprus after high school, I moved to sunny Bournemouth where I studied Chiropractic at the AngloEuropean college of Chiropractic ( AECC) completed my Master of Chiropractic degree(MChiro) and Post graduate education degree (PgCert).

I had a wonderful time during my studies in Bournemouth . Bournemouth university rugby team gave me the opportunity to work along side the team and this was a valuable pitch side Chiropractic experience. In addition Working closely with the World Congress of Chiropractic Students and the AECC chapter to successfully organise several World Spine Day events (international initiative to raise awareness about musculoskeletal problems and spinal hygiene) was also a highlight.

My Continual professional development

Also, throughout the years I have furthered my education by attending many continual professional development courses including BPPV/ vestibular rehabilitation training, gait analysis and national/international chiropractic symposiums .

What can you expect from my care

Devoted attention, honesty and support thorough your journey to recovery and beyond. My treatment plans are always tailored to the individual person and they can include a variety of different methods, from Diversified and Thompson adjusting, to low-grade laser therapy, exercise and advice, always keeping in mind what you want to achieve and the goal you set.

My Hobbies and interest outside chiropractic

My passion for dance and music is still very much alive and this is my favourite pass time together with traveling the world (still plenty to discover!).

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you!

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