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Christian Kordecki (Chiropractor)

My Background

Dr. Christain Kordecki ( Chiropractor)I was raised in the Netherlands, a country where everywhere is within reach by bicycle. Here I  experienced that outdoor living and an active lifestyle is a way of life. Having attended an international school, I learned that there is no limit to whom we can feel connected to, regardless of culture and boundaries.

Living in a society where it is considered normal to have a sedentary, inactive lifestyle where lower back pain is the most prevalent health issue in the developed world. After seeing those affected first hand, I learned that we take pain-free movement for granted. This has made me determined to be part of something bigger: to have a positive impact on those around me through the power of chiropractic care.

My Studies

I graduated from the University of South Wales (WIOC) in 2019 where I completed a Master of Chiropractic degree. It was during this time I specialized in the diversified technique, activator methods, radiology, and tailoring rehabilitative exercise programs to individual needs. Having attended courses outside of university with the aim of mastering these skills, I am inspired by the endless possibilities of self-growth to strive to achieve a high standard of care here at the Clacton Chiropractic Clinic.

What can you expect from my care

I aim to highlight the importance of a healthy mind and body to reach our personal goals in a sustainable way. Whilst thoroughly assessing the current level of function, posture and health status, my goal is to uncover the root causes of complaints, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

My Hobbies and interest outside chiropractic

In my free time, I am an enthusiastic snowboarder and enjoy traveling. Discovering new cultures, meeting new people and seeing the world from different perspectives are some of my life passions. I am fluent in both English and Dutch, and I am currently learning German.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you!

Give our office a call or feel free to send me an email.

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