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Dr. Harriett Wragg (Chiropractor)

My Background

Dr. Harriet Wragg (Chiropractor)My first experience with Chiropractic was when I was barely a toddler, my parents noticed I had some problems with the way I walked and the Chiropractic College in Bournemouth (AECC) helped me overcome these challenges.

My Studies

I again visited the college and had treatment when I was dancing, running and playing sports and chiropractic care helped me stay on track with my goals and with my sport. Experiencing all these benefits motivated me to become part of this profession that helped people with their hands and knowledge of the human frame. I loved how all the systems of the human body interacted with each other and I started understanding that when we help people we may be able to do more than prevent illness. I knew if I could help people from an early age I could assist them in making the most of their lives and this is why I became particularly interested in maternal and pediatric care. I was honored to be part of the interdisciplinary breastfeeding clinic helping new mothers and babies to overcome challenges.

What can you expect from my care

I have treated people from 4 days old to 90 years old and feel so privileged to have the skill to help you with your concerns and pains and I look forward to meeting you at the clinic.

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